Hundred day Haul was officially Released out in Indio, California on October 30th 2009 at Phish’s Festival 8. We were a vendor inside the event, and if you look carefully at this fantastic shot above by C. Taylor Crothers you can make out our booth. It was a magnificent event to launch the book, as our main character, Patrick Finnegan is a Phisherman. 108 copies were released, they were signed and numbered. This was the very first version of the book known as the Octoversion. Many copies were sold to people from all over the country at the festival. Since then the Octoversion has sold out. The Octoversion was uncut and unedited, and in it’s purest form. It’s a one of a kind. Our plan now is to take this action packed book to large markets of mass distribution through word of mouth and special events throughout. This site will continue to post reviews and press offerings as Hundred Day Haul is disseminated throughout the US and beyond
As we have now entered the 17th anniversary of the Haul, we have gone through a major “wash & rinse” and we will be releasing the eBook in the coming months. We have a New York Times contributor and former People magazine editor going over the final manuscript.