In the hot summer month of late July 1997 in a remote spot on Martha’s Vineyard in the darkest hours of the night, an exhausted young man by the name of Patrick Finnegan has a brief encounter with the dead American poet Emily Dickinson, marking the end of a very intense manic episode in which ultimate clarity of purpose is revealed. Upon this dramatic epiphany Finnegan reaches total collapse.

With 883 days remaining in the 20th century a sense of purpose is fully realized to this young man of 25 from the X generation, he has decoded Dickinson’s Vital Light and vows to go on the road for the final 100 days of the century and photograph America during a time of roaring economic growth and vast expansion.

Long before this dramatic meltdown with very little adulthood experience, we first meet up with a seventeen year old Patrick Finnegan in December of 1989. He is in the middle of his senior year of high school in Western New York, and has just gotten pathetically dumped by his high school sweetheart. Scorned by first love, this end of the world heartbreak launches him into the final decade of the 20th century where he goes off to college in Vermont and has the time of his life until he fails out after his freshmen year.

America at the time is in the First Gulf War with BUSH I and in the middle of a recession. Finnegan moves out to Martha’s Vineyard to work for a crusty old island bastard who has a lawn care business and goes back to college to Buffalo during the off seasons. By the time he earns a degree in 1995 as a school teacher, he has established his own reputable lawn care business on the Vineyard, OJ is the topic at hand in America, and the Clinton years are wide open.

In an effort to save the world, Patrick Finnegan takes a teaching assignment on the Navajo Nation out in the Four Corners region of the US. It is here that he witnesses despair and tragedy and these experiences contribute to Finnegan’s ultimate collapse in 1997. Finnegan’s plight remains with the American Culture of the late 1990’s as the backdrop canvas. And the days continue to countdown toward the Hundred Day Haul while Finnegan struggles to pull off this great odyssey amidst doubt and accusations of insanity among his family and peers.

Unbounded confidence and vision so divine drive young Patrick Finnegan to set out in ninety-nine, alas, the Hundred Day Haul, a 27,000 mile journey is the final part to this great journey with a fantastic conclusion on January 1st 2000 on top Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park with the first American sunrise of the New Century.

With a Gozno-journalistic syle, Hundred Day Haul , is exciting, suspenseful, and hilarious all at once. It displays the plight of a generation in America that experiences a major transition during the technological micro-revolution of the 1990’s. A classic American story of strong will and self-motivation and of ultimate true love. It is the story of boy who becomes a man as many lay witness to this extraordinary development.